Interior Design Myths

Our number one goal for all of our Good to Know posts is to make interior design more approachable. This week we’re going to break down a few myths or common misconceptions about interior design and how we approach the process. 

Working with the right designer for you shouldn't feel intimidating - we are here to help you! If you don't feel like you can speak freely and collaboratively with a designer, you should have a talk with them or switch designers.


22 Sep 2023


Marianne Brown

Myth 01: If I hire an interior design firm they won’t design with any of my existing furniture or keep elements of my home that I love. 

This is most often not true. Not to say that it doesn’t occur at some firms, but we believe a good designer will take things you own and love into consideration and use those alongside other furniture and accessories to compliment them. 

Myth 02: I can always pull off a look for less

The last thing we want to come across as is pretentious when we say this so let’s preface with: you can absolutely create a beautiful home at any budget. That being said, if you have a certain look you’re going for but it’s over your budget, we recommend being selective as you try to recreate it and avoid choosing pieces that are low quality or trying to be something they’re not. For example, if you want Calacatta marble countertops, but it’s over your budget, we recommend finding another natural stone that is within your budget. The natural stone is what you are most likely loving and it is difficult to recreate that same look with a synthetic material. We suggest adjusting your design to fit another less-expensive natural material rather than try to fake the Calacatta marble.

Myth 03:  If I have good taste, I don’t need to hire an interior designer.

People mistake an interior designer as someone who only selects furniture and decor for you. While that’s definitely part of our job, in many cases it goes far beyond that. A good designer will also be able to draw elevations, select the best finish options and help manage the project along the way, using their knowledge and experience. Even for designers building or remodeling their own homes, they often enlist help from their fellow designers, as making design decisions for yourself can be paralyzing.

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