OUR MISSION is to create enduring spaces and experiences that serve as a reflection of our clients, honors the principles of sound architecture, and celebrates the soulfulness of home.


We are believers in quality over quantity and we are fans of the classics - think crisp white t-shirt and denim, timeless shapes and natural materials. This is a collection of products we’ve actually purchased and put to the test and each one of these things has passed our high standard.


W Design was founded in 2011 by design principal, Marianne Brown. The firm’s passion lies in creating homes and commercial spaces with lasting character in both the architecture and furnishings. W Design specializes in new construction and full furnishing, with an emphasis in architectural design and designing and sourcing bespoke furnishings and accessories. We believe in empowering homeowners and the design community through education and strive to create opportunities to support that. Beyond interior design, W Design is venturing into creating their own line of handmade products launching late 2023. 


Authenticity is the common thread in great design. When a design is rooted in history, considers today, and looks forward to tomorrow it will stand the test of time. Authenticity to the client and design principles is our number one.

Great design solutions should reflect the personality and spirit of those who inhabit a space, while holding true to the space itself. When all is said and done, your home should look and feel more like the best version of YOU than US. 

We acknowledge and embrace trends, without being owned by them. The success metric for any project, of any size, is “will the space endure.” Creating timeless spaces that serve their inhabitants for years to come is the hallmark of our collaborative “W” approach. 

Decisions based in fear often lead to expensive and unwanted outcomes. We know that the decision to invest in building or altering a space can be very emotional, fraught with questions and concerns. We untangle the complexity that can surround any project and provide you with options, insights and guidance to maximize both your investment and the true potential of your space.

  • We meet (whether in person or virtually) to get a better understanding of the scope of your project and what you are hoping to accomplish.
  • We then develop a bid for our services prior to moving forward.
  • Once the bid is approved, we develop a concept for the project that will serve as a roadmap throughout the process.
  • We create technical drawings for implementation, renderings as needed, and source all selections.
  • We order, track and project manage from here.
  • Once furniture arrives, we install and style your home/space so it’s move-in ready.


We offer Full Service Design for both residential and commercial projects. For those needing less involvement we offer Hour Consultations. We hope we can help you in any way you need. 

We are based in Salt Lake City, UT and we currently have projects from Washington to New York and everywhere in between.