What Makes a Home Timeless

What truly makes a home timeless is its authenticity. If a home is authentic to the people who live there, the surroundings, and to history - it's going to stand the test of time.

Natural materials are always a more timeless choice than man-made materials. They tend to patina quicker, but they are less trendy so even in their imperfect state, they age much better than their more "perfect" faux contemporaries. (this tip is also true for humans too 😉


28 Nov 2023


Marianne Brown

3 Ways to Create an Authentic and Timeless Space ---

Authentic to the People Who Live There

I love to walk into a home where I get an immediate sense for who lives there. Hints of their lives through their coffee table books, the art displayed, the color story throughout the home, their furnishings and lighting choices - every little detail communicates something. 

In my dining room above, there are hints of my life everywhere from the antique screen my Grandmother gifted me before she passed, the demilune console on the opposite wall that was in my home growing up, the modern light from an independent lighting company that made it custom for me, and the mid-century inspired table that is a nod to one of my favorite eras of design. 

The more you infuse yourself into your space, the more you and your guest will love it and it will always feel relevant. Period. 

Authentic to the Surroundings

Considering your surroundings, especially when it comes to the architecture of your home, is the key to creating a home that will age well with time. Think about the colors in the neighborhood and the environment, the architectural history of the area, and whether you want to continue with its' history or be a part of creating a new era (in a tasteful way).

Authentic to History

Knowing the history of your residence and neighborhood as well as considering your own personal history will serve you very well as you make design decisions for your home. The saying "you have to know the rules to break them" is also true when it comes to design. When you have a basic understanding of the history behind design trends/products/colors, that knowledge will help you know when and how to incorporate them and also how to break the rules in a way that feels intentional and not disconnected and will stand the test of time. 

Final Thoughts -

I know these three things are general ideas and may not feel super concrete, but that is design for you. It's not a formula, but more about your intentions and values, so I hope when you keep these tips in mind you can feel more confident in making decisions for your home that you know will serve you for a long time. 

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