Project Oak Hill Drive Q+A

We had the honor of furnishing the most beautiful home designed by J. Scott Anderson and our client. The result is one of our favorite homes to date. We asked the designers on the project - Georgia Barnes, Paige Hille, and Marianne Brown - to answer some questions about the home to give you a more in-depth understanding of the project and hopefully inspire you. 

Furnishing a home takes longer than you think - start the process at least 6 months before the desired completion date you have in mind. 


02 Jun 2023


Marianne Brown

Answering All the Questions Below - 

How did the clients want their home to feel?

Our clients loved the traditional bones of their home but wanted to add a few more tailored and transitional pieces to the mix. They wanted their home to feel casual and welcoming, while still maintaining a classic and curated aesthetic. - Marianne

accessory board for the library

What were some special requests from the clients?

One request we had from our client was to make the library in the home more functional.

Long and narrow rooms are often hard to furnish—but we love a challenge! By splitting the room into two different seating areas, with swivel chairs on one end of the room and a comfortable sofa and chaise on the other, we were able to make the most out of this space.

It is now the perfect place to cozy up with a good book alone, or gather with guests for good conversation.  - Georgia

Tell us about your favorite room or feature in the house.

The custom dining room light we designed might be my favorite addition to the home. The pleated shade adds the perfect softness to the dining room and really ties the living and dining spaces together.  - Marianne

I also absolutely loved the basement and the way it was based around the needs of her grandchildren. Our clients wanted a space that the grandkids could showcase their art, lego creations and favorite toys. - Paige

Were there any challenges you faced during the design process? How were they resolved?

Sometimes coming in at the end of the design process to finish a space can be challenging. While the furniture layouts in a few of the rooms were a bit tricky, we loved being able to pair new furniture pieces with some of the great things our client already had.

I think some of the best design happens when there is time to be thoughtful and intentional about furnishing a home. Being able to slowly find and add pieces to a room over time, often yields the best results. - Georgia

Tell us about the design in the Living Room. 

Our client had a rug with lots of color that she wanted to work with.  To let the color and large-scale pattern in the rug be the hero of the room, we selected neutral, matching soft, white linen fabrics for both sofa profiles. A large wood coffee table and rush-wood chair bring the needed warmth the space was previously lacking. - Georgia

And the design in the basement kids playroom?

We ran through a few different versions of cabinetry here, but ultimately settled on a wall for her grandkids to showcase their art, lego masterpieces and favorite toys. We also decided to add a ladder so that even the youngest grandchildren could place their art on the shelves and feel proud. I am so thankful for the talented finish workers The Finish Guys who made this come to life. - Paige

For more pictures check out the portfolio page here, and if you are interested in having us help you furnish your home (which would be our honor), fill out a form here

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