Paint Sheens

It might seem like a small detail but the sheen you choose can have a big effect on the feeling and style of a room. We are sharing the differences to help you understand where and when to use them.

The person painting matters just as much (or more) as the brand / type of paint. 


22 Sep 2023


Marianne Brown

5 Paint Sheens and Where to Use Them

  • shine free
  • good at hiding blemishes and disguising walls that aren’t smooth
  • lets more of the color come through
  • marks up easily - recommended for ceilings

02 eggshell
  • low sheen that's great for most surfaces
  • easy to clean
  • durable

  • higher gloss than eggshell
  • stain resistant, can be mold and mildew resistant easy to clean
  • can show flaws in application

04 SEMi gloss
  • durable sheen of paint
  • can show imperfections on the wall
  • our go-to for any trim (base and case), millwork, specialty areas

05 HIGH gloss
  • the most durable sheen of paint
  • can show imperfections on the wall
  • great for statement walls or specialty areas
  • need a skilled/specialty painter to apply it

Image via Fine Paints of Europe

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