Choosing Your Tile Grout

Tile grout is more important than you may know when it comes to tile design. The grout color you choose can make or break your bathroom/kitchen design, and the type of grout you use will determine how easy (or hard) your tile will be to clean or how long it will last. 

Our go-to grout color is Warm Grey by Mapei. It's a great neutral tone that doesn't distract from the tile yet adds dimension and doesn't look dirty.


22 Sep 2023


Marianne Brown

Cement Grout: Sanded vs. Non-Sanded 

  • Sanded grout has sand added to the mix which creates resistance to cracking and shrinking
  • Doesn't set as quickly which creates easier installation
  • Good for wide grout lines
  • Because it doesn't contain sand, it is more susceptible to shrinkage
  • Best for thin grout lines or vertical walls
  • Has a stickier consistency than sanded

Picking a Grout Color


Contrasting - the bolder choice. We love how it highlights the tile pattern but if you aren't confident in your tile setter's skills or you are using lower quality tile, I would highly discourage using a contrast grout as it shows every imperfection. (white tile with charcoal/black grout is almost always a no-no)


Our go-to because it's a safer option than contrast but still adds dimension. A neutral grout is a grout color that is a shade or two lighter or darker than the tile, creating a nice in-between. 


Where the grout matches the color of the tile. We use matching grout when we want the tile to add texture but not pattern to the room or the tile is in a pattern (like a check) so we don't want to add another element. We try to avoid doing white grout on white tile unless the tile has some texture to it (we don't want it to look like a plastic insert). 

Sealing Grout

Sealing grout is a very important step in the process, especially if you are using a lighter grout color. It helps protect against moisturize, cracking, discoloration, staining, etc.

Other Tips
  • Get the grout color chips and hold it between two pieces of your tile to ensure you are going to like the color.
  • Always ask the professionals what type of grout and thickness they recommend for each type of tile you are using because it varies between different tiles and materials. 

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