Why I Chose Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are the perfect solution for rooms where you want a little bit of privacy, while still allowing the light to shine through. 

If you aren't going to line your curtain fabric make sure to hold the fabric sample up to the light so you can be sure you like the texture/color it is when the light is shining behind it. Light shining through can change the vibe and color of the fabric more than you know.

Oh, and all of my window coverings were done by the talented Uptown Drapes.


22 Sep 2023


Marianne Brown

Privacy + Light

The main reason I chose to do cafe curtains in my primary bathroom and dining room was because I wanted both privacy and light all the time in those spaces. If I had done a roman shade in either room, I would need to pull down the entire window covering to get the privacy, which is where the cafe curtain is the perfect solution.

Can a cafe curtain work in a formal space?

Yes, in my dining room, to keep it feeling more formal I chose a nice linen fabric, sheer so the sunlight would still shine through, and a little pattern to give it personality. I chose a crisp, french pleat so it would feel tailored and more formal. 

Perfect for bathrooms

When are we ever wanting our bathroom windows fully exposed besides to let the light in? Rarely are we in our bathroom in a state that we are fine with our neighbors seeing. I regret putting roman shades in my girl's bathroom because I am always pulling them up and down throughout the day, whereas in my bathroom the cafe curtains stay shut all day for privacy but the light still streams through. 

My girls' bath with the roman shades

Tips for Buying Cafe Curtains

  • Window treatments most of the time are not inexpensive but they are something we suggest investing in - they make a space feel comfortable and complete.
  • The total width of the curtain panels should be a few inches wider than the width of the window for a fuller look.
  • I hung my curtains about 6 inches above the half way point of my window.
  • Cafe curtains should rest slightly above the window sill so you’ll need to measure the length from the curtain rod to the window sill.
  • I prefer to use a natural material like raw metal for the rods - they're timeless and longer lasting.
  • I chose custom curtains from Uptown Drapes and love how they turned out. 

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