Hour Consultation

Consultations are 60 minute video calls with design principal, Marianne Brown. This service is for anyone managing and designing their own new build or remodel but are looking for Marianne’s support, advice, and answers to their questions.

Each Consultation is $ 500 /hr


How can I get the most out of my hour consultation?

Be sure to come prepared with a list of specific questions or areas you need suggestions. If you have images or drawings available, feel free to email those to us directly once your consultation is booked at info@wdesigncollective.com.  

Can I book more than one consultation?

Of course! If you find the one hour helpful but still have questions later on in the project, you can always reach out and schedule an additional consultation.  

What are some topics I can expect answers to during a consultation?

• General furniture and accessory specification and placement or basic styling

• Paint/wall treatments suggestions

• Floor plan adjustments and furniture layouts

• Consult on cabinetry and built-ins and help to make minor adjustments or give feedback or advice

• Build finishes and millwork advice

• Lighting placement or styles

• Stores and brands to consider based on your specific style

• Basic construction and remodel ideas based on the information given during the call

• Exterior design consultation but no specific selections

• Design business advice


What is not provided during a consultation?

•We cannot order any items for you

• We cannot provide any sort of project management

• We can tell you what a space is calling out for but we won’t have time to specifically select items for you

• We cannot provide precise measurements on any of our recommendations

• We cannot provide any design deliverables beyond guidance and support, so no drawings or mockups unless they are done during the time of your consultation